Commercial areas

The city of Mühlhausen has developed several industrial and commercial areas to safeguard existing jobs and relocations of businesses since the early 1990s. The occupancy rate of over 80 percent is a testament to the excellent quality of the economic areas. There are currently 1500-30000 square meters available in the developed areas.

A major current project is the conversion of the former army site on the north-eastern outskirts of the city. The complex has been extensively renovated for over 50 million euros since the 1990s and offers optimal conditions for an economic development. The infrastructure, buildings, and facilities are in excellent condition and offer a wide range of conceivable development possibilities. Commercially usable properties are also available. In cooperation with the city, the Thuringian State Development Company (LEG) has been developing the "Lindenhof" property into a commercial and industrial area since 2015.

Key data on "Lindenhof"

  • Total size: 35.4 hectares (of which 19.8 hectares open space)
  • Existing buildings: 29
  • Floor space: 25,000 m²
  • Planned industrial area: 10 hectares