Welcome to Mühlhausen

... and welcome to the web page of our city.

Mühlhausen is one of the most charming cities in central Germany and can look back on a history of over a millennium. Its unmistakable historic appearance has been preserved unlike any other Thuringian city. In the old days Mühlhausen was one of the preferred palace locations of German kings and emperors.

Today the city is home of more than 34,000 citizens. Together they shape the city's future, preserve traditions and enjoy living in Mühlhausen.

Visiting friends

Mühlhausen is known as the city of gates and churches. Because of the 59 steeples and towers of its city wall the place was originally referred to as "Mulhusia turrita", which means "Mühlhausen ornamented with steeples and towers".

In medieval times Mühlhausen ranked second after Erfurt as the most important city in Thuringia. The architectural diversity as well as the entire urban layout with its well-preserved and partly accessible city wall, testify to the economic and cultural significance of the former imperial city.

Your opportunity in the heart of Europe

Mühlhausen offers great potential for entrepreneurs. Many companies represent "made-in-Mühlhausen quality" even on the world market and successfully work for an innovative region. The economic backbone of Mühlhausen is a stable small and medium-sized enterprises sector with a broad industry structure. The low reliance on individual sectors or companies guarantees stability and job security in the city and the region.

The supplier industry in the automotive and rail vehicle sector and the light and electrical industries have developed as reliable innovation and growth engines.