Twin cities and city partnerships

Johannisfest in Eschwege

Eschwege (Hessen, Germany)

Mühlhausen and Eschwege are rightly proud of being the first two cities that completed a twinning agreement, after the fall of the Berlin Wall but before the reunification of Germany.

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Prinzipalmarkt und Lambertinikirche in Münster

Munster (North Rhine Westphalia, Germany)

The city of Munster had been trying to form a city partnership with a city in the former GDR since 1983. After several attempts, following reunification it was ultimately personal contacts and efforts that were decisive in this.

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Tourcoing /Nord-Pas-de-Calais: Kirche St. Christophe

Tourcoing (France)

Mühlhausen's twin city in Tourcoing is located in the French-speaking part of Flanders. It has been an important centre of the cloth industry since the Middle Ages.

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Dom von Kronstadt

Kronstadt (Russia)

As the gateway to the entire St. Petersburg area, Kronstadt offers very good conditions for an interesting exchange of diverse relations in the cultural, political, economic, and scientific fields.

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Saxonburg (Pennsylvania, USA)

Saxonburg is part of Butler County and is located 23 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

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