St. Kiliani Church

The houses in Kilianistraße, adjacent to Martinivorstadt, are remains of the earliest urban street market along the north-south road. The patronage authority (Patrozinium) for the church of St. Kiliani refers to the foundation of a church due to Irish-Scottish missions from Würzburg around 700. The church was first mentioned in 1287. The plain nave of the current church was built between 1350 and 1358. Remains of a Romanesque church at that place can be visited in the lower section of steeple. After the big fire of 1707, the steeple was extended by a two-storey upper section with a special cupola called Welsche Haube (French Bonnet).

(Quelle: Martin Sünder, "Kirchen in Mühlhausen")

After a period of decay, sponsors and development money helped refurnish this church to serve as the home for Theaterwerkstatt 3K (Theatre Workshop 3 K).

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St. Kiliani Church
St. Kiliani Church
Unter der Linde 7
99974 Mühlhausen
0049 (0) 3601 / 440937