St. Nikolai Church

St. Nikolai Church ( St. Nicholas Church) was built as part of a merchants' settlement in the 12th century. A pastor of it was first mentioned in 1297. The church itself is referred to in documents on the occasion of the building of a new presbyterium. However, it is not documented that the construction of church was ever finished. Only in 1897/98, when its wall in the north was extended and a cross-ribbed vault was added, did the once-intended space arrangement become recognisable. The statue of the wood-carved St. Nicholas (around 1510), influenced by Frankish art, had earlier been placed in an alcove above the southern porch. Now, the statue stands in the parish hall of the St. Nikolai Church.

(Source: Martin Sünder, "Kirchen in Mühlhausen")

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St. Nikolai Church
St. Nikolai Church
Wanfrieder Straße/Bastmarkt
99974 Mühlhausen