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Mühlhausen is situated in the centre of Germany, between the ridges of Hainich and the Unstrut valley. Its most significant landmark is the steeple of St. Mary’s Church, which is widely visible from any direction.

The city wall with its defence towers and the steeples of Mühlhausen’s 11 medieval churches put you back into a bygone era. The upper town is marked by St. Mary’s Church, the largest church in Thuringia besides the Erfurt Cathedral. It was here that radical reformer Thomas Müntzer preached and hence put the city into the focus of German history during the Peasant War.

The lower market is dominated by St. Blaise's Church, a Gothic hall church that is closely connected with the name of Johann Sebastian Bach. The composer and church musician worked here as an organist from 1707 to 1708. Still today you can listen to Bach's music during an organ performance in the church, which can be organized for you by the tourist information office.

Do not miss the town hall with the imperial archive. Browse old books and breathe the scent of past centuries. Climb the raven tower of the partially accessible city wall and let your eyes wander about the roofs of the historic old town. The tangle of medieval streets and alleys enchants with stately townhouses and their wide gates or lovingly restored half-timbered houses.

After an interesting discovery tour, small cafes and cosy pubs invite you to linger. On the menus you will definitely find tasty Thuringian specialties.

In the evening you can relax in Mühlhausen’s indoor swimming pool Thüringentherme  and reminisce about the day. Immerse yourself in the refreshing water or use the large sauna area. With a massage and an exotic cocktail, the evening will be twice as nice.

But Mühlhausen is not just a city for one day - as rich as the history of the city is also that of its surroundings. Amongst the many attractions in the immediate area is for example the geographical centre of Germany and the so-called Opfermoor, a sacrificial site reflecting the cultic ideas of our ancestors. Reconstructed Germanic huts and a small exhibition illustrate the archaeological excavations.

Make a pilgrimage to Volkenroda and visit the Christ Pavilion on the grounds of the monastery. It has been an EXPO 2000 project and continues to amaze its visitors to this day.

For hikers the nearby Hainich National Park offers a variety of well-marked trails. Explore nature on the treetop walk from a bird's eye view or on the grounds on the backs of horses. Or you may ride in a charabanc along romantic paths. Those who prefer cycling can pedal vigorously along the Unstrut bike path. No matter what you choose, every experience will be unforgettable.