Public guided tour of the Historic Town Hall and the Imperial City Archive

The core of the town hall was built around 1300, with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque extensions creating a unique ensemble of buildings in the middle of the old town. Particularly worth seeing are the hall, the Great Council Chamber with Gothic painting and the Imperial City Archive (1614), which found its place on the mezzanine floor of the south wing from 1615 and which can be accessed from the Town Hall. The interior furnishings of the historical archive rooms are particularly impressive. It was created between 1615 and 1648 and has been preserved in its original form. The cabinets and chests still store the files and town books from Mühlhausen's imperial town days. Windows and doors show Renaissance paintings with plants, heads, angels and animals. The Latin and Greek inscriptions on the cupboards and walls refer to the relationship of the citizens to the state, to the archives and the archival activity. The files in the Imperial City Archives are signed with the letters of the alphabet and the astronomical signs Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Star, Venus and Saturn. With the help of a corresponding index, the archivist is able to find the files again if necessary. The documents on display in the 34 showcases provide an interesting insight into the important history of the formerly free imperial city.

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