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Guided tour: "Jewish life with a visit to the Mühlhausen synagogue" on 07.05.2023, at 2:00 p.m.

Already the Mühlhausen law book, one of the oldest legal texts in the German language, documented Jewish inhabitants in the imperial city of Mühlhausen around 1220. A synagogue is mentioned in writing around 1380. The building, which can be visited today, was built from 1840 onwards, was desecrated on November 9, 1938, and was handed over to the Jewish Community of Thuringia after 1945. Efforts to preserve it were crowned with its rededication in November 1998. The synagogue and community hall can be used for religious services and currently serve primarily as a meeting place with an exhibition (including Jewish cult equipment) and library.

With the Jewish history of the city of Mühlhausen deals, the 07.05.2023 by the Tourist Information Mühlhausen offered special tour. Meeting place is 14:00 o'clock in the office of the tourist information, council road 20 in Mühlhausen. Pre-registration for the tour is required by calling 03601 40 47 70.

Price per person: 10,00 €