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one year digital city voucher Mühlhausen

In this day and age of rapidly growing online trade, all products are just a click away. Local traders in particular are feeling the effects of this. In some cases, potential customers even inform themselves in local shops and then order online. It is often forgotten that local shops are not only a place to shop, but also part of the atmosphere of a city. They have an influence on how liveable and attractive a city is. 

For this reason, the Mühlhausen city voucher was launched in 2016. It is a local voucher that can be redeemed at participating traders, restaurants and service providers in Mühlhausen and its districts. This is a value voucher. Since 01.04.2022 the voucher is also available digitally.

How does the voucher work?
The citizens of Mühlhausen can purchase the Mühlhausen town voucher online, at the Tourist Information Mühlhausen and at Buchhaus König. The voucher cards used are rechargeable and thus support the idea of sustainability. 

After one year of use, it can be said that the changeover has been a success: 95,300.57 euros were paid into the voucher system last year. The redemption at all participating shops in Mühlhausen even amounted to 109,006.23 euros. This difference in amount is due to the fact that old vouchers from the previous system can still be redeemed until the end of 2025. 

Currently, more than 50 partners are listed as acceptance points for the Mühlhausen city voucher, and new partners are welcome to join as long as they fulfil the conditions. In addition, the system can be used by employers who wish to pay out a tax-free benefit in kind to their employees. The voucher system fulfils all requirements.

Interested employers, traders and service providers can find out about the possibility of participating in the voucher system from Wirtschaftsbetriebe Mühlhausen GmbH, Tourist Information Department (operator of the system).