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Mühlhausen industrial history (s) - a walk in the footsteps of major Mühlhausen companies on 08.06.2024, at 14:00

Factory chimneys are as much a part of our city's history as its fortified walls and magnificent churches. It is worth sharpening your awareness of this aspect of the city's history. After the first part of the tour focused on metalworking companies and electronics and the second part on some companies in the textile industry, the third part will focus on the Reichsbrauerei brewery and other former textile companies - Giebe/Cottana. The tour starts at the entrance to the Burggalerie. The end point will be at Germaniastieg (Schwarzer Weg).

Registration for the tour and the purchase of tickets is required in advance at the Tourist Information Mühlhausen, Tel. 03601 40 47 70. The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes. The participation fee is €10.00.

Contact: Tourist Information Mühlhausen, Tel. 03601 404770,