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Close to nature - environment in human hands

Baking bread, cooking stew and making utensils at the end of the day? The everyday life of the first farmers in Central Europe is the focus of the guided tour on 23 February 2023, at 6 pm. In the Museum of Cultural History, Krisztina Péró, specialist for prehistory and early history, reports on profound changes in nature and presents impressive contemporary testimonies in the permanent archaeological exhibition.

About 7,500 years ago, new groups conquered the densely forested landscape of western Thuringia and brought with them previously unknown cultural techniques. Settling at fixed settlement sites accompanied by stockpiling required not only special skills in woodworking, house and well construction, but also in the manufacture of everyday utensils such as stone tools and kitchen utensils.

The tour starts in the time of the Linear Pottery. Typical ceramic vessels with sweeping decorations are presented, which made it possible to prepare and store different dishes. New ingredients such as pork, einkorn and peas also made their appearance in the domestic kitchen. Regional raw materials such as clay and wood were used in the production of everyday objects. Among other things, the routes of these materials from their place of origin to their final use are explained in the guided tour.

Through trade relations, materials previously unknown in western Thuringia, such as rare types of stone or even sea creatures, also joined the material repertoire of the Neolithic population. In the form of previews of other archaeological epochs, visitors will learn more about valuable raw materials in the Bronze Age or Roman Iron Age and gain insights into the collection work of the Department of Prehistory and Early History.

Close to Nature - Environment in Human Hands

Guided tour of the archaeological exhibition

Museum of Cultural History

Thursday, 23 February 2023

18.00 h

Admission and guided tour: adults 8 € | children (4-14 years) 2 € | children up to 3 years have free admission

Due to a limited number of participants, registration is required on 03601 85660.