1st German Bratwurst Museum

The 1st German Bratwurst Museum is the first museum in the world explicitly dedicated to the subject of bratwurst. The museum contains a permanent exhibition on the history, tradition and cultural significance of bratwurst in social life in general and Thuringian bratwurst in particular. Everything about the Bratwurst has its place here. The exhibits range from pigs and slaughtering to the equipment and machines used to make bratwurst.

The historical context of the first documented mention of the Thuringian Bratwurst in 1404 in the Arnstadt Virgins' Monastery is depicted on a wooden relief. Our pet bird, the Bratwurstiebitz, stands for fun and humor, which are not to be missed in our museum. The pig family tree represents the development from wild boar to today's domestic pig breeds. Devices and machines from several centuries bear witness to the technical development of sausage production, from pure manual labor to today's industrial production. The sausage in art, culture and history around the globe is shown through exhibits and display boards.

Due to strong growth in visitor numbers and poor infrastructural connections, the museum at the Holzhausen site was closed in April 2019 and will reopen at its new location in Mühlhausen (Am Stadtwald) on August 16, 2023. The building is framed by a 1404 m² monumental painting. The Arnstadt artist Christoph Hodgson is designing the facade with motifs from all over Thuringia until the end of the year.

A colorful bratwurst-themed world is being created around the museum. An extensive outdoor area with many amusing installations on the theme, show gardens and show enclosures with native animal breeds offer visitors a glimpse of the Thuringian country idyll. A rustic "sausage house" and an outdoor restaurant invite visitors to linger. Events, sausage seminars and numerous other group programs invite visitors to join in and celebrate.


1st German Bratwurst Museum
Am Stadtwald 60
99974 Mühlhausen

Phone: +49 3601 8571891
E-Mail: buchung@bratwurstmuseum.de
Web: https://www.bratwurstmuseum.de/
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Distance to public transport:
200 Meter
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Bratwurst Museum Betriebs GmbH, Thomas Mäuer
Rosenhof 1
99974 Mühlhausen

Phone: +49 3601 8571891
E-Mail: info@bratwurstmuseum.de


Wirtschaftsbetriebe Mühlhausen GmbH
Windeberger Landstraße 73
99974 Mühlhausen


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E-Mail: service@touristinfo-muehlhausen.de


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