Object tours

In the objects of the Mühlhausen museums as well as in the town hall and the Divi Blasii church, object tours can be conducted. Thus, you as a visitor get an intensive insight into the history or exhibition of the respective object.

Objects in which guided tours are currently possible

  • Historical battlement (15 participants)

  • St. Marien Museum | Müntzer Memorial (25 participants)

  • Peasents' War Museum at the Kornmarkt Church (25 participants)

  • Museum of Cultural History (25 participants)

  • Church of Blaise the Divine = domain of Johann Sebastian Bach (25 participants)

  • Historical town hall with Rathaushalle (the representive assembly hall), Ratsstube (the council chamber), Alte Kanzlei (the old registry) (25 participants)

  • Town libary St. James' Church (25 participants)

    Larger groups will be split into two separate tours. Object tours can only be offered with previous notice, as a confirmation of the respective establishment is necessary.

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guided tour for 45-60 min (with different group sizes, depending on the object)
plus admission
50.00 EUR
Foreign language surcharge
25.00 EUR

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