St. Ulrich's Village Church in Eigenrieden

The church, which stands on the site of several previous buildings, is the last Protestant place of worship on the road leading from Mühlhausen to the Catholic Eichsfeld. The first attempt to implement the Reformation dates back to the years 1523 - 1525. In 1525, the year of the Peasants' War, the village and church were completely destroyed. Just one year later, however, the chronicle records the consecration of the rebuilt church and the final confirmation of the Reformation in 1557. A new church building was completed in 1620, but only a dozen years later - the Thirty Years' War was raging - it was reduced to rubble. A generation later, there was a church again, albeit a simple building. In 1725, it was demolished and the construction of today's baroque church began on an enlarged ground plan. Over the years, there was enough money for an organ, an altar made in a Mühlhausen workshop and the lavish painting of the ceiling by Hermann Bauer from Mühlhausen.


St. Ulrich's Village Church in Eigenrieden
Schulgasse 2
99974 Mühlhausen OT Eigenrieden

Phone: +49 3601 889494
publicly accessible

Pets not allowed

free entrance

Smoking allowed:

Photography allowed

no sanitary facility

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Distance to public transport:
300 Meter
Guided tours
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Name of company

Evangelical Church District of Mühlhausen, Micha Hofmann
Bei der Marienkirche 9
99974 Mühlhausen

Phone: +49 3601 837942


Wirtschaftsbetriebe Mühlhausen GmbH
Windeberger Landstraße 73
99974 Mühlhausen

Phone: +49 3601 404770


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