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Visitors are amazed to find a wide range of museums in Mühlhausen. The most prominent one is St. Mary’s Church, which is dedicated to the work of the reformer Thomas Müntzer. Moreover, the imposing five-nave Gothic hall church possesses the highest steeple of Thuringia.

Mühlhausen’s historical battelement has also been turned into a museum site. From the raven tower you will have a wonderful panoramic view across the town and its surroundings. Make sure you visit the town’s Imperial City Archives, a place where historical files and documents are kept. The Peasants’ War Museum at the Corn Market Church with an exhibition on the history of the Reformation hides a green gem in the middle of the old town, a monastery garden. The Museum of Cultural History offers various exhibitions on the town’s development and local archaeology and gives an insight to contemporary Thuringian art.